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COVID-19 Precautions

 Residential UVc Deep Clean and PPE

With regard to concern associated with having on site service providers in your home, we are taking significant precautions relevant to the current pandemic. In addition to outfitting all crew members with PPE including gloves, masks, and shoe covers, we are offering a minimally invasive, non toxic, yet highly effective method that utilizes UVc lamps as recommended by the CDC to sanitize surfaces within your homeAfter the Clean Up Group's crew completes cleaning the windows in any given room within your home, they will quickly set up one of our high powered UVc lamps, and move to another area of your home while the room is sanitized.

We have multiple high powered UVc lamps each capable of disinfecting areas up to 600 square feet. This technology is similar to that employed by hospitals nationwide, and is recommended by the Centers for Disease Control in their official Guidelines for Environmental Control in Health Care Facilities* as an effective means to cleanse surfaces without the use of toxic chemicals.

How UVc Deep Cleans Your Home's Interior 

The UVc light’s wavelength largely coincides with that of the viral DNA’s  maximum absorption, which triggers a photochemical process when UVC light is applied. The UVc radiation modifies the micro-organism’s DNA impeding further binary fission halting the organism's ability to replicate which results in death. This is a highly efficient and safe sanitation method without the health risks associated with toxic chemicals. It is easily undertaken without physical contact with household possessions. 

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