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Window Cleaning Advice 001: Razor Blades

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Do Razor Blades Scratch Glass?

Based on more than a decade of experience, we say definitively yes. There is a bit of debate surrounding this in the professional window cleaning world. Many companies swear by razor blades, and use them as a means to remove hard water, paint...etc, and claim as long as the glass in lubricated with soap and water, they will not scratch glass. We can say with absolute certainty this is a dangerous game to play when cleaning windows. The Clean Up Group does not use razor blades, although we do clean many homes, commercial structures, and complexes where they have been used in the past. Based off observation over many years and of thousands of windows, the evidence of window damage as a result razor blade use is overwhelming. Our professional advice: do not use or allow anyone to use razor blades on your glass! There are a variety of other window cleaning methods for the removal of hard water or construction debris; and we employ many. Contact the Clean Up Group Colorado any time if you need hard water or construction debris removed from your windows without the use of blades.


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