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Window Cleaning Service Area covers all of Eagle County Colorado Including: 

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Homeowners cleaning their own windows on an average-sized family home would likely need a full day to finish. A larger home could take multiple days

Don't waste your weekend washing windows. The same job can be completed by the Clean Up Group's local Vail professional window cleaners in just a matter of hours!

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Our Window Cleaning Services: 

Residential Window Cleaning

We clean exterior and interior windows as well as screens and tracks. We will remove all and debris webs from your window frames, and specialize in cleaning hard water! Our window cleaners will carefully cover or move all necessary furniture before they begin washing you windows, and carefully replace everything after window cleaning is complete.  If you need a hard-to-reach light bulb switched, just ask! Our local Vail professional window cleaners are happy to help.

Commercial Window Cleaning

The windows at your office or storefront are every bit as important as those at your home. Our window cleaning team services everything from shopping centers to office buildings throughout Vail, Avon, Edwards and the surrounding area. If our ladders can't reach, our ropes and descenders will. Our professional window cleaners will take care of all your commercial window washing needs. 

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We clean all debris related to construction including paint, stain, adhesive, concrete, silicon, and caulk from your windows. Our razor blade free method eliminates the risk of scratched windows. Not all glass is the same, and different types of glass require different window cleaning techniques. Our local Vail crew of highly trained professional window washers takes will leave your windows looking new. 

Was your house recently painted? All those tiny specs on your windows can be very frustrating to look at. Luckily, wspecialize removing paint from windows! Our dedicated local Vail professional window cleaners will take great care in removing all paint leaving your windows clean and clear. 

Since we are already up there, why not have us clean your gutters? Ice is extremely heavy and can damage both your roof and gutters. Yearly maintenance to allow for proper drainage is a must. Our local Vail window washers are the right guys for the job.

Post Construction Window Cleaning

Paint Removal

Gutter Cleaning

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