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Commercial Window Cleaning

Office and Business Window Cleaning Services

The windows at your office or storefront are every bit as important as those at your home. Our window cleaning team services everything from shopping centers to office buildings throughout Vail, Avon, Edwards and the surrounding area. If our ladders can't reach, our ropes and descenders will. Our professional window cleaners will take care of all your commercial window washing needs. 

Hospital Window Cleaning Services

The Clean Up Group's team of window cleaners services Hospital Networks from the Vail Valley to Grand Junction, CO. Our liability insurance permits window cleaning operations up to 8 stories. We have all equipment and personnel necessary to do so including ropes and descenders as well as certified boom lift operators. We service everything from multi level trauma centers to outpatient doctor's offices. We are located in Vail, but frequently travel from Vail to other areas of the state to service windows at larger projects. Choosing a local provider as opposed to a national company will save your facilities department thousands of dollars.  Give us a call for more information regarding hospital window cleaning services. References available upon request. 

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