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Window Washing & Storm Panels

Updated: Apr 12

What are storm panels? Storm panels are removable, or hinged panes of glass that aid in temperature regulation. There are some great benefits to owning this type of window, not the least of which are energy efficiency and durability. While many structures in the Vail area employ this technology, storm windows are becoming less common. Unit cost and the planned obsolescence of traditional windows are two reasons for this.

Storm windows consist of more raw materials and take longer to build, so they are obviously more expensive than traditional windows. Additionally, due to their design, maintenance and cleaning can be both time consuming and difficult, which adds to cost over the lifespan of these windows, however costs accrued over the lifespan of the windows can be significantly less.

Planned obsolescence also plays a role in the decreased use of storm windows. In our "modern" economy, money isn't made off of selling durable goods with a long shelf lives, rather its made off of selling the same thing over and over again. The shelf life on most modern windows in the Rocky Mountains is fairly short given our harsh climate. Huge temprature swings throughout the day place a lot of stress on window seals leading to eventual failure and permanent fogging between glass panels. On certain aspects of a home, experiencing 10-15 years of life out of new windows is normal.

Conversely, storm windows are incredibly durable and can literally last as long as the wood frames around them. Even if seals start to degrade, the panels can be easily removed and buildup cleaned quickly leaving you with clear glass. So, if you do have storm panels, consider yourself fairly lucky! You may need to spend a little more on maintenance every now and then, but you will save a lot of money the compared to your neighbors in the long run.

Storm windows only need to be removed and cleaned once every five years or so. The Clean Up Group's crew of professional window cleaners are experts at cleaning windows with storm panels. Call us today for a free estimate!




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