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COVID-19 - Virus Deep Cleaning Services and Window Cleaning

During these tough times, individuals and businesses have been forced to adapt to severe environmental changes. While the prognosis is beginning to look better, we still face many tough challenges moving forward. We have all become familiar with the abundance of information available on COVID-19 from reliable, trusted sources such as the CDC and State Public Health Departments.

Most concerning for small businesses is the highly contagious nature of COVID-19, and the risks it presents to certain subsets of our population; specifically the elderly and infirm. This presents a unique set of challenges for on site service providers including window cleaning companies, and in order to thrive we must collectively develop methods to address the concerns of our clientele and public health officials. The Clean Up Group alone services almost 300 clients that span a wide array of

demographics throughout Eagle County, CO.

Given the majority of our residential clients request interior window cleaning services, we feel its necessary to adapt our window cleaning service to address COVID-19 related concerns. Specifically, we will be offering deep cleaning services for residential interiors with a minimally invasive, non toxic, yet highly effective method prescribed by the Centers for Disease Control for the eradication of viruses on surfaces. We have procured 4 high powered UVC lamps each capable of disinfecting areas up to 600 square feet through the use of germicidal irradiation aka UVGI. This technology is similar to that employed by hospitals, and is recommended by the CDC in their official COVID-19 guidelines* as an effective means to destroy the DNA of viruses including COVID-19 on surfaces. Additionally, they are highly effective at destroying most other microorganisms including mold spores.

Deep cleaning will be integrated with our existing window cleaning operations adding minimal time and cost to our service and will provide our clientele assurance that their homes are left clean without the use of toxic chemicals. Give the Clean Up Group's pros a call today to schedule window cleaning and interior deep cleaning services.




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